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in operateCo-De with 0 comment
Running handlers:
There was an error running gitlab-ctl reconfigure:

execute[semodule -i /opt/gitlab/embedded/selinux/rhel/7/gitlab-7.2.0-ssh-keygen.pp] (gitlab::selinux line 20) had an error: Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed: Expected process to exit with [0], but received '1'
---- Begin output of semodule -i /opt/gitlab/embedded/selinux/rhel/7/gitlab-7.2.0-ssh-keygen.pp ----
STDERR: libsepol.context_from_record: type gitlab_shell_t is not defined (No such file or directory).
libsepol.context_from_record: could not create context structure (Invalid argument).
libsemanage.validate_handler: invalid context system_u:object_r:gitlab_shell_t:s0 specified for /var/opt/gitlab/.ssh(/.*)? [all files] (Invalid argument).
libsemanage.dbase_llist_iterate: could not iterate over records (Invalid argument).
semodule:  Failed!
---- End output of semodule -i /opt/gitlab/embedded/selinux/rhel/7/gitlab-7.2.0-ssh-keygen.pp ----
Ran semodule -i /opt/gitlab/embedded/selinux/rhel/7/gitlab-7.2.0-ssh-keygen.pp returned 1
  1. Check Selinux modules(libsemanage-static libsemanage-devel policycoreutils)
  2. Check Gitlab Version
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